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Key Features

  • The Orange box features improved paint to minimise fading (UV protection paint)
  • Updated backplate with ‘KNOWLEDGE IS POWER’ added on, cool branding and new style
  • New stylish embossed branding on the sides of the boxes
  • A key feature is the under-seat tray, on which the stacker is magnetized too. This is very secure and quickly/easily locks in place without having to use knobs and handles. Once the stacker is removed, the under-box tray is very useful for extra storage, especially when sat in the water and wading.
  • The box is supplied with a fully loaded mixed winder tray, with green and pink Rive winders, ready to get rigging
  • Coloured Alu draw fascias - these match the boxes - Orange/Grey
  • 30mm side drawer
  • Extra 30mm storage tray under the side drawer
  • 36mm legs (four of which are telescopic with 25mm inserts)
  • Personalised ‘Team’ strap and box cover provided
  • HSP footplate, with non-slip finish/cover
  • Branded stacker lid
  • Pole seat with colour coded butt strap for holding the pole stable between the legs

Guru ST8 Stealth Team Seat Box 2.0

Colour: Black
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