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Our lightest and most versatile brolly shelter to date – the Pentalite features five carefully-spaced graphite spokes to provide a lightweight frame with lots of stability. The shelter uses a short spoke brolly system on the inside, giving maximum headroom and minimum fuss when putting it up. No central pole required! The brolly also comes with two lightweight storm poles, including our unique tension peak design, that flexes depending on which height you decide to have the shelter. Height can be adjusted by using the multiple pegging point options on the sides of the shelter opening. A superb system for day sessions and overnighters. Another great addition to our range of Supalite products.

  •     Unique 5-spoke design
  •     Lightweight graphite frame
  •     Maximum headroom spoke system
  •     Height adjustable shelter

    150 x 210 x 180
    2.2kg shelter only


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