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Key Features

  • Provided in durable storage bag
  • (storage size L75cm x W60cm x H25cm)
  • Frame compresses into compact size for easy storage
  • Easy assembly insert handles
  • Locate the 4 wheels then tighten hand wheels
  • Extending frame can be adjusted to suit the amount of tackle you want to transport (from 75cm to 100cm)
  • Unique Seatbox locking system
  • Prevents any movement or sliding when in use
  • (applicable to all Matrix seatboxes &most market leaders)
  • Height adjustable handles (from 88cm to 100cm)
  • Ergonomic rubber handles
  • Rear waterproof storage bag with zipped lid and drainage base.
  • Solid tyres preventing any punchers

Matrix 4 Wheel Transporter

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