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Shimano Tactical Bedchair System

The Shimano Tactical Bedchair System includes a 3 season sleeping bag. Designed to be compact when packded down, the bedchair folds down into a square profile, allowing easy transport and storage without over compressing the sleeping bag.

The super-light frame is built out of a sepecial type of magnesium alloy, making a rough 37% difference in weight compared to an aluminium-bult frame. Desite this, the bedchair maintains it's strength making it one of the most transportable bedchairs on the market!


Lay-Flat Design for Comfort.

Flat-Pack for Easy Transport.

Swing Lock Leg for Easy Erection.

Foot Cover for Protection.

Multi-Layer Comfort.

Eazi-Glide Zips.

Heat-Trap Baffel.



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